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Heroes of Order & Chaos (HOC) is a free Role-Play Strategy game or application that was developed by GameLoft for Apple Ipad, Android, and other mobile devices. The Application requires over 1gb of space on a mobile device and is recommended to be run on a tablet because of the gamer user interface (GUI).

Heroes of Order & Chaos Loading Screen (Created by GameLoft)


The gameplay of HOC is greatly similar to the gameplay of popular strategy game titles such as League of Legends (LoL), and Defense of the Ancients (Dota) 1 & 2. Each player will select a hero before the game, a hero is not allowed to be used by more than one player, meaning that each player will have a different hero and no two are the same. The matches can consist of 3vs3 to 5vs5. When the match has been set, and the map has loaded, the player(s) have 72 seconds to prepare for battle. Like Dota (in general), the objective of the game is to destroy the (your) opponents main defense structure. Doing so will give you victory for the match. During gameplay, the player and the opponent will have a slowly increasing income of coins to purchase power-ups and items from the shop. Note that each side it's own designated shop, therefore, one cannot purchase power-ups or items from his opponent's shop. Coins can also be gained by the player successfully kills an enemy NPC or an enemy hero player or non-player. The game also consists of neutral creatures thatare open for both sides to fight. If the player dies, the respawn time is within a range of about a minute. While waiting for the player's hero to spawn back, the player can also just buy the hero back if he has enough coins, or view a recap of the damage.

When the player is at home base, damage that the player has taken will heal faster. When out in the battlefield, the player's health regeneration will depend on items and perks.

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